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verb1Turn or even trigger to rotate or even try cycle promptly.


2with item Draw out as well as spin (the fibers of woollen, cotton, or even various other component) to turn all of them in to thread, either through palm or even along with equipment.


3with item Give (a newspaper article) a, spin&win, certain importance or even predisposition.

Phrasal Verbs

4no things Fish along with an article spinner.


1A fast transforming or even swirling movement.


2informal in particular a, spin&win, short vacation in an automobile for enjoyment.

You slashed/ 10 practise once again?

3in particular The discussion of details in a, spin&win, certain method; an angle, specifically a good one.

4NZ Australian laid-back along with adjective, in single a, spin&win, part of excellent or even misfortune.

laid-back Waste one'' s opportunity or even initiatives.

Tell a, spin&win, long, unlikely tale.

(of a, spin&win, moms and dad firm) switch a subsidiary in to a brand new and also different business.

(of a, spin&win, vehicle driver or even automobile) blow up, specifically in a skid.

1Make one thing final just as long as achievable.

2Cricket Dismiss a, spin&win, batsman or even edge through spin bowling.

Old English spinnan ‘extract and also spin (fiber’); connected to German spinnen. The substantive times coming from the mid 19th century.

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One of the secrets of the English foreign language eventually discussed.

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How to receive prepositions straight in a, spin&win, heart beat.

In this short article our team look into just how to wow companies along with a, spin&win, spot-on Curriculum Vitae.

Archaic words possess an attraction that never ever vanishes, coming from French seeming to wondrously mystical ones.

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a, spin&win, brilliant house for a prosperous potential

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spin verb.
( TURN).

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” spin” in American English.

C1 [I or even T] to (result in to) reverse as well as all around, particularly quick:

spin verb.

‘ If your mind or even the space turns, you experience as if it is actually shifting and also about, as well as you can easily certainly not stabilize:

Translations of “spin”

Thesaurus: words as well as associated terms

Phrasal verb( s)

Revolving, turning and also rotating

Extra definitions of “spin”.

You can easily likewise discover relevant terms, words, as well as basic synonyms in the subjects:

spin substantive.

‘ [I or even T] to help make string through turning fibers, or even to create one thing making use of string:

spin substantive.

Thesaurus: words as well as associated terms


‘ to narrate, either to scam an individual or even for amusement:

spin verb.
( TURN).

Thesaurus: words as well as relevant words

spin verb.

You can easily likewise discover associated phrases, words, and also basic synonyms in the subjects:


‘ [I + adv/prep] laid-back (of an auto) to relocate promptly, or even to relocate swiftly in a, spin&win, motor vehicle:

Phrasal verb( s)

Thesaurus: basic synonyms as well as similar phrases

spin substantive.

‘ [C or even U] the action of one thing rotating around extremely swiftly:

spin substantive.
( TRIP).

Thesaurus: words and also associated phrases

spin substantive.
( TURN).

Revolving, turning as well as turning

‘ [S or even U] laid-back a, example, means of explaining a concept or even condition that creates it seem to be much better than it actually is actually, particularly in national politics:

Thesaurus: words as well as similar terms

‘ [C typically single] antique laid-back a, spin&win, brief experience in a cars and truck for enjoyment:

Thesaurus: words as well as relevant phrases

(Definition of “spin” coming from the Cambridge Advanced Learner'’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

‘ [I/T] to shift and also all around, or even to induce one thing or even an individual to rotate:

‘ [T] to help make string through turning threads, or even to generate one thing utilizing string:

‘ [U] a, spin&win, specific method of working with a celebration or even condition to the general public to ensure it are going to be actually recognized in such a way that you wish it to become recognized:

‘ [C] a, spin&win, brief vacation considered enjoyment, commonly in an automobile:

‘ [C/U] a, spin&win, swift changing motion:

(Definition of “spin” coming from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

However, eternal life performs certainly not happen very easy on this rotating the planet.
They likewise such as to up-end press as well as draw playthings for fictional restoring, as well as tires could be turned at various rates.
In rotating the spot through 1913 had actually come to be absolutely amazing.
Locating good enough rewriters at the height time frames of clothmaking have to possess been actually no quick and easy duty, provided the dominating wage amounts for turning anecdote.
Is it in the minimum unexpected, for that reason, that turning was actually viewed as benefit girls (or even little ones)?
In the 16th century analysts were actually crystal clear that a, spin&win, resources might certainly not be actually gotten coming from rotating alone.
The sort of thread made use of as well as the end-product preferred establish the method of turning and also the devices made use of.
She additionally located that ladies rotated, as well as probably interweaved, maguey and also cotton in both civilian as well as best houses.
The bloodsucker passes the winter season inside its own lot, surfacing in the spring season and also rotating its own cocoon inside that of its own lot.
On the conterminous upper arm section the upper arm backs comply with midradially establishing a solitary follower.
On the conterminous upper arm sector the upper arm spinal columns virtually fulfill midventrally constituting an enthusiast.
What, as an example, are our company to construct from the turning glandulars of among the scale-worm teams (the sigalionids), which generate fibers worked with in tube-building?
Ferromagnetic combinings usually tend to straighten the rotates, antiferromagnetic combinings create all of them direct in contrary instructions.
One extracts from this the tip that it has actually rarely started just before it promptly turns along.
Also plumes and also the hair of bunny and also people might possess been actually turned, alongside various other products.
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??????(??),????(???), (??)?? & hellip;

faire tourner, tisser, filer & hellip;

giravoltar, (fer) girar, filar & hellip;

?????????????????, ??????? & hellip;

(o) tocit (se), prist, otaceni & hellip;

snurre rundt, dreje rundt, spinde & hellip;

????, ??? & hellip;

wharf tron, xe ch?, xe to & hellip;

obracac (sie), przasc & hellip;

donmek, dondurmek, (yun & hellip;

spinne, snurre rundt, vinkle & hellip;

herumwirbeln, spinnen, der Drall & hellip;

??,????,???? & hellip;

ruotare vorticosamente, much ruotare, filare (lana & hellip;

???????( ??), ???????( ??), ?????? & hellip;

??, (?)(????) ??, ?? & hellip;

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(of weather condition, health conditions in a, spin&win, space, or even portion of the body system) cool

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